Critical Thinking Definition, Instruction, and Assessment: A Rigorous Approach


Throughout the Twentieth Century, critical thinking instruction was part of the mission of our educational system at all levels–to varying degrees at various times. But towards the end of the century, around 1980, interest in critical thinking suddenly increased exponentially. Now, virtually all educational institutions claim to teach critical thinking.

.   But what is critical thinking ?

.   How can it be taught ?

.   And how can we tell whether is has been taught ?

These are the big three questions that are addressed on this web site, mostly through the eyes and contribution of one concerned participant over 60 years.


More precisely, this website presents a rigorous, comprehensive, and detailed approach to the nature of, instruction in, and assessment of, critical thinking, and is addressed to a variety of audiences.

Not all related questions have been, nor can be, answered at this point, but progress in the field of critical thinking has been made. We invite others, including teachers, parents, administrators, students, employers, government officials, and researchers, to participate in and share in this challenging and important work–through research, development, practice, and leadership.

Major topics addressed here are:

·         defining critical thinking;

·         the benefits of critical thinking;

·         teaching of critical thinking;

·         assessment of critical thinking; and

·         incorporation of critical thinking into a curriculum.

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