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    At some stage of your life, you must decide whether you want to be a success or not. Critical thinking is one of the most essential talents for succeeding in almost all activities: from personal life to career and civic life. Critical thinking is valuable for establishing goals, evaluating alternatives and developing your own views and arguments. Even if you have not studied critical thinking officially as part of your courses, you can learn it by yourself, at least to some extent.

    You can be a better thinker by following the RRA strategy:
Seek and give Reasons
Seek and compare Alternatives

For more details on improving your own skills and dispositions, read about self-teaching of critical thinking.  Even if you do not officially study critical thinking in your courses, you can apply RRA to what you do study, and when you feel the need for more specificity, you can go on to the other suggestions under self-teaching and the definition of critical thinking.

Robert H. Ennis